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Términos y condiciones de la reserva

Car Rental Conditions with RENTA CAR SAJI DE OROTINA S.A. (SAJI) 

The undersigned party or parties, hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER, hereby expressly accept and consent to the following clauses: 

  1. VEHICLE ACCEPTANCE: The CUSTOMER hereby accepts having received the vehicle described on the back of this contract to his/her entire satisfaction from SAJI. The vehicle’s mechanics and frame are in PERFECT CONDITIONS and furthermore comes equipped with all original accessories and with exactly the same amount of fuel that it had when it was given to him/her. Likewise, the CUSTOMER has signed the vehicle checklist, which was prepare before the CUSTOMER and which states that SAJI spokespeople have fully explained the scope and contents thereof (attached to and forming part of this agreement) in compliance thereof, the CUSTOMER pledges to take care of, conserve, and return the vehicle described herein in the same shape and condition in which it was received.
  2. VEHICULE USE, VALIDITY, AND RETURN: The CUSTOMER warrants that the vehicle will be use rationally and that all necessary measures required for its proper care will be taken in compliance with its operator ́s manuals and the manufacture’s usage manual, all of which the CUSTOMER hereby acknowledges to fully understand. Likewise, this contract will be valid for the period which the CUSTOMER indicated on the back of this document and will remain valid until the day previously stated by the CUSTOMER. As a result thereof, this contract will not be considered extended inasmuch as no written acceptance from SAJI exists on the back of this document. The CUSTOMER warrants that he/she pledges to return and deliver the vehicle in the place and on the date previously agreed upon with SAJI in the event of any delay in the returning of the vehicle, he/she will notify SAJI in advance, thus authorizing the latter to charge any and all expenses in which it incurs as a result thereof, as well as the contracted rental days and protection services. The CUSTOMER also authorizes SAJI to carry out any legal actions, both criminal and civil, and any nature whatsoever, relating to recovering the vehicle at all times holding the CUSTOMER entirely liable for any and all expenses derived from his delay.
  3. PRICE AND PAYMENT METHOD: The CUSTOMER pledges to pay the price agreed upon by the parties hereto and described on the back of this document. This price will be calculated in 24 hours periods as of the moment when the CUSTOMER signs this contract, as well as the checklist, and until the vehicle is in fact returned to SAJI ́s entire satisfaction. The stipulated price is understood to encompass: a) time and mileage measured in kilometers for 24-hour periods; b) the protection services contracted (CDW-LDW) by the CUSTOMER; c)rental of vehicle accessories; d) cost of services rendered by SAJI and any other services specified in herein; and e) payment of state taxes. PAYMENT METHODS: in addition, the parties hereto establish the following payment methods in order to settle the agreed price at the time returning the vehicle; a) cash in national legal tender and in US dollars; or b) credit card and any other means of electronic payment authorized by SAJI. The party signing this contract along with any authorized party should any sort of credit be granted, is jointly and severally liable for the payment therein stated. All payments will be made at SAJI ̈s offices. The CUSTOMER also accepts and agrees that in the event that after the vehicle has been returned and the agreed price has been paid, any sort of fee, tax, fine, infraction or other expense where directly charged to SAJI as a result of using the vehicle, and which SAJI was not aware of at the time of payment will be directly billed to the CUSTOMER ́s credit card SAJI will have a minimum term of 120 calendar days after the vehicle is returned to make such charges.
  4. RENTAL DEPOSIT: The CUSTOMER issues the rental deposits stated on the back of this document to SAJI in line with amounts indicated herein, to ensure that the CUSTOMER will fulfill the obligations derived from this contract therefore, SAJI, with no need to first obtain authorization or any other prior requirement, is duly authorized by the CUSTOMER to take possession of all or part of the rental deposit in order to recover any outstanding payment for the rental and for any possible damages caused to the vehicle or third parties an as result of business interruption. It is understood that if the money provided as a deposit does not cover the damages caused, SAJI will then be authorized to charge the CUSTOMER any unpaid balance, even through legal channels, in with case a certificate from a certified public accountant shall suffice.
  • 1)  Driving and moving the vehicle in compliance with all valid provisions established in the Transportation Act and by any administrative authorities.
  • 2)  Only those parties signing this contract will drive the vehicle and they will be in physical and mental shape to do so.
  • 3)  SAJI will charge him/her for filling the tank at a price that is above the public price.
  • 4)  Make sure that the vehicle maintains water, oil, air, brake fluid, and hydraulic fluid level in its engine and accessories.
  • 5)  Keep the vehicle locked, parking it only in public parking areas. The CUSTOMER therefore releases SAJI from any liability relating to the robbery of theft of any property that may be inside the rental
  • 6)  Take proper care of, and safeguard the vehicle ́s documents; otherwise an additional charge will be generated as expenses will be incurred in order to replace them
  • 7)  Inform SAJI about any mechanical failure, accident, collision, rollover or anything that may arise involving the rental vehicle during the validity of this contract. If SAJI considers that the aforementioned
    were caused by negligent driving managing of the situation, the CUSTOMER is obliged to pay for all damages caused to the rental vehicle.
  • 8)  Not moving the rental vehicle from the place where the accident occurred until an employee of SAJI or a traffic officer authorizes him/her to do so.
  • 9)  The CUSTOMER warrants that he/she understands that the following acts are absolutely forbidden:
  • a)  Sub-leasing the vehicle described in this document, which must only be used by the parties signing this contract unless SAJI authorizes otherwise.
  • b)  Assigning any rights derived from this contract to any third parties.
  • c)  Driving the vehicle without carrying a valid driver ́s license or allowing any third party that doesn’t possess a driver ́s license to drive the vehicle.
  • d)  Driving in a state of inebriation or under the influence of drug or stimulants.
  • e)  Haul any trailer or any other vehicle.
  • f)  Overloading the vehicle with passengers or cargo
  • g)  Making any mechanical repairs or bodywork on the vehicle; adding any accessories of any nature to the vehicle. In such cases, an additional charge will be generated depending on the modifications
    required to return the vehicle to its original condition.
  • h)  Participating in speed, resistance or any other test that is not suitable for the vehicle.
  • i)  Using the vehicle to transport any sort of inflammable materials, drugs, narcotics, or any other substance that is not permitted by law.
  • j)  Driving the vehicle in rivers, on beaches, in the sea, in estuaries, or on narrow roads/paths or any other unofficial road.
  • k)  Detaching and removing from the vehicle any accessories or pieces of its body, engine, suspension, steering mechanism, or anything else.
  • l)  Using the vehicle for commercial purposes or for paid transportation of people.
  • m)  Any other act than SAJI ́s judgment goes against the rational and measured use of the rental vehicle and:
  • n)  Returning the vehicle in an extreme stated of dirtiness, in which case an additional charge will be generated in order to clean the vehicle.
  • o)  Smoking inside the vehicle, in which case an additional charge will be generated in to clean the vehicle.
  • p)  Transport any sort of animal inside the vehicle; failure to comply will result in an additional charge being generated in order to clean the vehicle and/or repair any damages as a result thereof.
    Failure to comply with any of these stipulations will bring about full criminal, civil, fiscal and administrative liability on the CUSTOMER ́s part, while SAJI is released of any type of liability whatsoever. Likewise, the CUSTOMER warrants that he/she assumes full responsibility for any damages or injuries caused to family members, up to the third degree of kinship and affinity, or to any other person or object travelling with the CUSTOMER in the vehicle as well as for any fines and infractions derived from using the vehicle.
  1. VEHICLE COLLISIONS: The CUSTOMER is aware of, and accepts that in case of a traffic accident he/she must immediately notify the competent transportation authorities, the insurer and SAJI at the phone numbers that are in the back of this agreement, render any legal administrative statements relating thereto and sign the traffic ticket and furnish it to SAJI so that any pertinent legal proceeding may begin. Should any of these requirements be breached no amount whatsoever will be recognized for protection services (CDW-LDW) if the vehicle is stolen, the CUSTOMER must immediately notify the Judicial Investigation Unit (OIJ in Spanish) and file a report. The CUSTOMER must also notify SAJI, which in compliance with the contract will charge the CUSTOMER’s debit or credit card for any amounts involved. Should the CUSTOMER accept the theft protection for the rental vehicle, unless unable to do so, the CUSTOMER must deliver the vehicle with the ignition keys sothat the protection services can applied. Breach of the foregoing will authorize SAJI to not apply any sort of protection service that may have previously been contracted by the CUSTOMER. Any sum of money previously billed to the CUSTOMER for damages will be returned in Costa Rican colones when a legal sentence absolving the CUSTOMER from liability has been handed down and after SAJI has received indemnification from the third party.
  2. PROTECTION SERVICES: Should the CUSTOMER accept the vehicle collision/ damage or theft protection services, he/she irrevocably accepts the protection conditions contained in Annex No.1 of this contract, which is an integral part of hereof. The CUSTOMER is held fully responsible for all the shortfalls and damages caused unless the CUSTOMER has acquired accessory protection, in which case he/she accepts that the amounts owed will be charged to his or her card, if there are any damages to the rental vehicle and there is no police report, the CUSTOMER authorizes SAJI to charge at least US$1000 to secure any possible claims by third assistance services during collisions and/or traffic accidents are not covered by any of the protections available under this contract.
  3. DISPUTES AND CONTROVERSIES: Any dispute that may arise from this contract will be settled in the Republic of Costa Rica in compliance with the local laws the competent jurisdictional body will be the First Judicial Circuit of San Jose although the parties may mutually agree to submit this process to arbitration. Therefore, the parties waive any other jurisdiction and venue. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we hereby acknowledge that we have carefully read this contract that we understand its scope terms and conditions all of which I hereby unconditionally agree and therefore hereby set our hand hereunto at the time and on the date state on the back of this contract.
  4. ADDENDA TO THIS CONTRACT: Any other documents signed by the parties hereto will be incorporated as addenda when the vehicle underlying this contract is delivered and possession has been taken thereof.