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Términos y condiciones de la reserva

The undersigned party or parties, hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER, hereby expressly accept and consent to the following clauses:

1.              VEHICLE ACCEPTANCE: The CUSTOMER hereby accepts having received the vehicle described on the back of this contract to his/her entire satisfaction from SAJI. The vehicle’s mechanics and frame are in PERFECT CONDITIONS and furthermore comes equipped with all original accessories and with exactly the same amount of fuel that it had when it was given to him/her. Likewise, the CUSTOMER has signed the vehicle checklist, which was prepare before the CUSTOMER and which states that SAJI spokespeople have fully explained the scope and contents thereof (attached to and forming part of this agreement) in compliance thereof, the CUSTOMER pledges to take care of, conserve, and return the vehicle described herein in the same shape and condition in which it was received.

2.              VEHICULE USE, VALIDITY, AND RETURN: The CUSTOMER warrants that the vehicle will be use rationally and that all necessary measures required for its proper care will be taken in compliance with its operator´s manuals and the manufacture’s usage manual, all of which the CUSTOMER hereby acknowledges to fully understand. Likewise, this contract will be valid for the period which the CUSTOMER indicated on the back of this document and will remain valid until the day previously stated by the CUSTOMER. As a result thereof, this contract will not be considered extended inasmuch as no written acceptance from SAJI exists on the back of this document. The CUSTOMER warrants that he/she pledges to return and deliver the vehicle in the place and on the date previously agreed upon with SAJI in the event of any delay in the returning of the vehicle, he/she will notify SAJI in advance, thus authorizing the latter to charge any and all expenses in which it incurs as a result thereof, as well as the contracted rental days and protection services. The CUSTOMER also authorizes SAJI to carry out any legal actions, both crimin